13 August 2012


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Question 2: Using the details from the novel you have studied, write about a character that you dislike. Give reasons for your answer. (15 marks)

Opinionated, Vocal and Outspoken. In Azreen’s own reflections of her character, she sees herself as a “fiery-tempered girl who always speaks her mind, no matter how improper the ideas were”, meaning, she lacks control over her temper and thus often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. One day, in defense of her friend, the Old Lady, Azreen  told Puan Normala, that she (Puan Normala) was a “loudmouth”, a gossip monger that the village could do without. Although Azreen was speaking the truth, but she did it rudely, so instead of defusing the situation, she infused it, causing Puan Normala to nearly injure her with a sickle, if her father had not turned up to break up the quarrel. Azreen should have more sense than Puan Normala, being more intelligent and matured, she could have put a stop to the latter’s accusations of the Old Lady in a calmer manner.

Insensitive and Stubborn. Azreen showed poor judgement in bringing her mother to Madhuri’s funeral. Her mother was wheelchair bound and did not know that her daughter, Madhuri, had died. It was heart wrenching for all present to see Azreen’s poor mother being totally confused why she was being wheeled to the graveyard. Saleh Abdullah, Azreen’s father, was understandably very angry with her thoughtless action of making her mother faced the death of her daughter in such a way, as no one had told her of about it. Azreen also stubbornly refused to return home with her mother when ordered by her father. Her obstinate inconsideration of her father’s request also showed how disrespectful she was to her father. With her intellect, she should have been able to judge how much the death of Madhuri had grieved her parents. And that her father had his reasons for keeping her mother away from the funeral.

Defiant, Righteous and Proud. When Azreen was caned by her father and scolded by her mother, she defiantly and stoically refrained from crying. She righteously refused dinner to make her father realize that he had wrongly blamed her for stealing the mangosteens. Although she was hungry, she proudly refused to eat her dinner. Even though Azreen was innocent of the crime she was accused of, she did not need to refuse dinner. If she were more cool headed, she could have realised Madhuri could have explained the whole incident to her father, and she did not need to be caned or scolded.

Azreen Salleh is certainly a protagonist who has a lot of character flaws. Fortunately, in the end, Azreen is finally at peace and there are no more demons for her to confront. She can now look forward to an exciting and challenging new chapter in her life, a wiser and more loving person.
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