10 August 2012


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Question 1: Use the details from the novel you have studied, write about a character that you like/admire. Support your answer with close reference to the text. (15 marks)

The Curse showcases a number of characters. The character I like/admire is Azreen. She is described as a tomboy, is short, bespectacled, and fiery tempered.

I like/admire Azreen’s character because for someone who is just 20 years old, she is matured and she shoulders many responsibilities. I like/admire her sense of independence. She displays this character trait throughout the novel. In school, she used to play hockey and football with the boys. Although this was frowned upon by other students and the villagers, she never allowed their opinion to prohibit her sense of freedom, enjoyment and independence. Azreen also displays a sense of independence when she goes to Penang on a student exchange programme.

Azreen is also hardworking, intelligent and resilient. I admire these characteristics in her. She may come from a poor background but through sheer hard work, intelligence and resilience in her studies and sports, she emerges as the top student of her school and secures a scholarship to study in London. This is quite an achievement for a girl who comes from a poor and remote village in Pulau Langkawi.

Furthermore, I also admire her ability to think rationally under distressing situations. She never allows herself to be influenced by gossip. In fact, she courageously stands her ground against the villagers’ prejudices against her friend, the Old Lady. She defends the Old Lady against the angry mob of villagers who want to burn down her house.

More importantly, I admire Azreen for her bravery in her quest for the truth. Despite the strange incidents following Madhuri’s death, she continues courageously to investigate. This leads to her confronting her father who finally breaks down and admits that in a fit of rage he had killed Madhuri.

It is my opinion therefore, that Azreen is truly a likeable/admirable character as she possesses all the characteristics we need to be successful in life.
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